Sunday, July 19, 2009

உபுண்டுவிற்கு நிகரான விண்டோஸ் நிரல்கள்

உபுண்டுவிற்கு நிகரான விண்டோஸ் நிரல்கள்

Windows Media Player / BSPLayer: vlc, Totem
Winamp, iTunes: Amarok (KDE), Exaile, Rhythmbox, XMMS, BMP, Audacious, Banshee
uTorrent / Bittorrent: Transmission, Deluge-torrent, KTorrent (KDE), Azureus
Nero Burning ROM: Brasero, k3b (KDE), Serpentine
Windows Movie Maker: Avidemux, Kino (KDE). You can find a full lists and installation howtos, here.
3D Studio MAX, Blender, Maya: Blender, Maya, Softimage, K-3D (KDE)
Internet Explorer (seriously, did you used that on Windows?): Firefox, Opera, Konqueror, Epiphany
Outlook: Thunderbird, Evolution
Microsoft Office: Open Office, AbiWord, KWord
ICQ, MSN Messenger, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, etc: all of them: Pidgin, Kopete, aMSN, KICQ
any FTP Client: FileZilla, GFTP, KFTP (KDE)
Photoshop: GIMP
Irfanview, ACDSee: XnView, GQView, Mirage
Audacity, CoolEdit, Audio Catalyst: Ardour, Rosegarden, Audacity, Beast
GuitarPro: TuxGuitar
Daemon Tools: gmount-iso
Partition Editor, Partition Magic: QTparted, GParted
Antivirus software: no need ;)
Zone Alarm or any firewall: Guarddog, Firestarter

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